About Us

The quest to touch lives and bring meaning to those around us began as a Mustard Seed. The Mir Family & their friends based out of Chicago, IL run the Mir Foundation. The Foundation was created on the belief that we can pool resources to help the less privileged.

At the start, our concept was to help our immediate communities of Chicago, Illinois & the surrounding area, but we have seen the dream grow. It is our joy to realize that what we felt would be community-based has started creating ripple effects across different continents. We are not resting on our oars as we know there are so many grounds to cover.

Our Mission

The strategic plan that has been outlined in our program is to take this initiative to very lofty heights. This would be possible with the support of well-meaning individuals who share in the quest of overall good for humanity. The amount of Human and capital investment has brought rich experiences that show that this is a laudable venture.

From the hinterlands in Asia to the Cities in Africa and the US; we are touching lives in many unique ways. Our focus is on Community Health and alleviating the challenges that stand in the way of people’s education.

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals give a broad-based approach that has galvanized the efforts of many nations in the world. We have taken the plunge by giving a personalized touch to each of these areas. The growing needs in the world require a concerted effort in order to address them.

Mir Foundation is contributing its quota to help put smiles on the faces of many individuals. The spread of our initiative cuts across different age groups with the aim to soothe their pain. It is on record that our health outreaches have helped reduce the mortality rate in some communities.

Organizational Structure

Another position that we have taken is to create a transparent model of helping others. We have constituted a Board of Governors that help to monitor the things we do. This has shown our unalloyed commitment to live by high ideals while meeting needs in a pragmatic manner.

You cannot take away the experiences that we bring from our many years of working in other fields of interest. It is ideal to know that our desire to support good causes has brought life-changing moments for many individuals. We can continue listing our accomplishments, but the goal is to whet every individual’s desire to help others.

Mir Foundation will share with its donors on its website, details of funds collected, amounts spent on each project & current amounts waiting to be dispenced. In view of the strides that have been made, we are establishing our place as a partner of goodwill in the societies where we operate.

In the coming years, we would spread our tentacles to ensure that each niche is well served. Health and Education are pivotal to the state of any Society. Our well-worked system would continue to give people the light they need in a dark and challenging situation.
Mir Foundation is poised to take the service and initiatives we offer to new heights. We are committed to run this course and accomplish many wins in the coming years.

Our Founders